Oils and lubricants

Motor oils for cars and transporters

7709-5w-30Modern engine oils are based on several basis oils depending on their type or productivity. Additionally we use several additive packets. It was a developed unique oil program, which makes lubrication suitable for all engines. In addition we offer absolute new program for engine oils with StahlSynt-Technology. The recipe of engine oils, which are produced with StahlSynt-Technology, is unique and based on chemical alloys of metal surface under hard dynamically working conditions of the oil film.

Premium engine oils

Gear oils & transmission fluids

10304400001_bGearbox imparts torque between engine and drive shaft. In gearboxes like control gear and automatic transmission cares gearbox oil for frictionless cooperation of the gear wheels. The task for gearbox oils is to lubricate the gearbox parts, cooling through heat removal, to protect against corrosion and hydraulic steering of the switching operation by automatic transmissions. Gearbox oils are graded in classes GL 1 to GL 5 at what where GL 5 has the highest quality. There is an ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) specifically for automatic transmission. It’s task is to transfer the pressure. The specifications for automatic transmissions oils are Mercon from Ford and Dexron from GM. The specifications of another gearbox producers take that over, intensify or extend them.

Operating and service fluids

88941200000_bThe hydraulic fluid’s task is to transfer pressure and motion with a less loss, to avoid friction and wearout, to protect against corrosion, leading away heat with energy conversion and to seal up between car parts. The property of fluid and its condition are very important for long life cycle and optimal efficiency factor of hydraulic systems.

Brake fluids

Motor oils for trucks, buses etc.

25651100500_bEngines of utility vehicles and mixed car pools need specific based oils and additive combinations because they work under hard conditions. MANNOL Truck Special – products, which excel requirements of most car manufacturers as well as American and European service standards. They are based on high quality ground oils in order to give optimal viscosity and oxidation protection by longer oil change intervals and different temperatures what avoids soot and debrises in engine. The used usage of anti-oxidation tools succesfully privents ageing and warp formation.

Standard engine oils

Oils for motorbikes

10230600001_bEngine oils for motorbikes are high-quality products with excellent effective stroke additive based on very good basis oils. This combination gives the following results – immaculate lubrication of all engine parts, strong cleaning effect, spark plugs stay clean that helps to provide the optimal power output of the engine, very high protection against wearout and corrosion, less exhaust gas.

Industrial Oils

11401000100_bIndustrial lubricants are oils that with an effect of special additives meet requirements of various machine-tools and mechanical units. By meeting requirements of machine-tools, lubricants are used as transmission, rail, slitter and hydraulic oil, as well as to grease central lubrication system. Mannol industrial oils are used in wide range of application and preserve in long term period reliable lubricity, which in extreme condition ensures you reliable lubricating environment. Excellent properties of oils not only correspond to high standards of industrial machinery manufacturers, but even exceeding them.

Compressor oils

Engine oils for heavy loads

Hydraulic oils


80106300040_bIt is difficult to over rate importance of greasing materials for modern technology. Only correct selection of greasing materials guarantees you smooth operation of any type mechanisms. SCT offers you wide range of products, from which you can select greasing materials ideally suitable for specific mechanism and various operating conditions.


Oil Additives

Leak-Stop additives

Coolant System Additives

Car care products

Lacquer care products, polishes & waxes

Glass cleaners and care products

Polish chamoises and suction blocks