We are committed to bring to our customers in Haiti with the best quality filters for their cars, trucks, generators, industrial engines, ect. For a quick interchange of your filter numbers please click on: www.wixfilters.com or www.luberfiner.com.
Once you find the right number for your engine, please give us a call for pricing or you can call us with your filter numbers or engine description and we will be more than happy to help you find the right filters for.

Nous sommes plus que jamais déterminés à fournir à notre clientèle les meilleures qualités de filtres pour leurs voitures, camions, génératrices, engins lourds industriels, ect. Pour trouver le filtre qui convient pour votre moteur, cliquez sur: www.wixfilters.com ou www.luberfiner.com
Appellez-nous ensuite pour une cotation ou bien si vous ne pouvez pas trouver l’interchange vous-mêmes, appellez-nous avec les numéros de filtres dans la marque que vous les avez ou le modèle et la marque de votre moteur et nous nous ferons un plaisir de vous trouver le filtre qui vous convient.


WIX Air Filters

Clean air is essential to engine survival and performance. WIX air filters are constructed using the PermaPleat embossing method that ensures pleats will not bunch and hot melt glue beading to lock pleat tips and prevent movement.

  • Applications: Automotive & Light Truck, Heavy Duty Filters.


WIX Fuel Filters

Fuel systems are at great risk for contamination from the very beginning. WIX filters are designed to fight fuel contaminations, including water. With our fuel filter installed you can rest assured that your fuel system is protected.

  • Applications: Automotive & Light Truck, Heavy Duty Filters.


WIX Oil Filters

No matter how efficient the media, lube filters must stand up to tough operating conditions. WIX recognizes this and has applied several spin-on lube design innovations to make sure each filter meets the demands placed on it.

  • Applications: Automotive & Light Truck, Heavy Duty filters.


WIX Cabin Air Filters

WIX cabin air filters do for the passenger compartment of your car what heating and air conditioning filters do for your home – they filter and clean the air before you breathe. Our cabin air filters are designed to meet form, fit and function characteristics for the applications.

  • Applications: Automotive & Light Truck, Heavy Duty Filters.


WIX Heavy Duty Hydraulic Filters

As the sophistication of hydraulic systems has increased, so has the importance of system fluid filtration. WIX hydraulic filters are designed to maintain system cleanliness and to insure equipment reliability and efficiency.


WIX Heavy Duty Coolant Filters

Diesel engines depend on their cooling system for protection from damaging temperature extremes. WIX has a complete line of filters and cooling system products to keep your cooling system in peak condition.


WIX Heavy Duty Transmission Filters

WIX transmission filters protect transmissions against contaminants in the transmission fluid system. Proper filtration helps improve transmission life by minimizing wear and preventing sticking and scoring of sensitive shift control valves. In the event of a part failure, the filter also guards against secondary damage to other parts and thus helps to minimize repair costs.